Auto Archiver of Web URLs

A tool for automatically archiving web page links and saving the images and videos. Currently used by organisations monitoring human rights situations in Ukraine and Myanmar

Given a list of Web URL links entered into a Google Spreadsheet, we archive that page, so that you have a safe copy.

Our archiver is automatic and every minute looks to see if there are links which need to be processed. Below shows the archiver working on some Twitter URL's which contain images.

The results of the archiver for row 4 in the spreadsheet above are:

1. Twitter Image is the entered Link

Screenshot we took of that Tweet and saved to our cloud storage in case it is every deleted from Twitter.

Image embedded in the Tweet which we have saved to our cloud storage

Raw twitter data, link to saved image (with hash). And this page is hashed and result populated in the spreadsheet

2. Facebook Video is the entered Link

Showing the successful archiving of the link

Automated screenshot of the Facebook page.

video.mkv is the raw video downloaded from Facebook.

Thumbnails of parts of the video so can see at a glance what happened.


We have specific archivers for

There is a fallback archiver (which uses for any other site.


This tool can save a huge amount of manual time archiving data from sites. It is being used by organisations capturing media for safeguarding.

We use the excellent code.

Please contact us here and we can do a demo for you